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Software support and customization

Software Annual Maintenance Contracts :

  • Data Backup
  • Software Reinstall and configuration
  • Support over phone, e-Mail
  • Online support sessions to resolve issues, using TeamViewer
  • Assistance for better utilization the latest software features

Software & Manufacturing Services

Software Report Customization

In Addition to our Software products' comprehensive set of reports, customers often have additional specific and unique reporting requirements that help them Analyze and stay ahead of trends, Forecast workloads, Improve efficiency, Minimize costs

As per your company’s specifications, we can create customized reports that are quickly and easily incorporated into the software.

Precision Part Manufacturing

Our Tool Room manufacturing is well-known for making among the best Custom made Precision parts in India. We accept Small, as well as Large order quantities.

Please send us your Part drawings. Our contact details.

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Thread Verification unit Services

Our other Services for Thread Verification :
  • Customized Thread-Verification Anvil manufacture
  • Design of Thread-Verification systems to meet your business' strict quality requirements
  • Installation of Thread Verification Unit at site, & Training

Please tell us about your business requirements here.


Comprehensive Gauging Services :
  • Multi-Gauging solutions
  • Consulting, and Gauging solution Design
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts for our Gauging systems
  • Precision tool, and change-over part manufacture
  • Gauging system installation at site

Please tell us about your business requirements here.