Dimensions (Linear / Form) Inspection (Gauging) Systems

Incoming / Sample Inspection Station

  • SPC Workbench
    • Multiple options for Data Collection - Automatic from Digimatic Instruments, Data Files, Serial / Ethernet Port & Manual
    • Generates REAL TIME Control Charts, Histogram. Shows Startistical trends & Trigger alarm conditions
    • Additional traceability Supplier Code for Vendor rating or Manufacturing Line no. for Line wise performance analysis
    • Small Foot print, easily located at Incoming Store or next to Manufacturing cell
    • Work as Standalone or as a Client on Company Intranet / LAN
    • Optional - Digimatic Instruments, Air Gauges, Contact type Bore gauges & Part specific Fixtures
    • Optional - Linking to Centralized SQL Database for Multiple SPC Workbenches & Web Based Reporting
  • Inspection LocationIncoming Store or at Manufacturing Line common between multiple Machines
  • Delivery Time6~8 weeks
  • BudgetBasic Station starts from Rs. 5L (USD 7,500) + Services + Taxes
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