Dimensions (Linear / Form) Inspection (Gauging) Systems

In-Process Inspection Station

  • Consist Of
    • To Check Linear & Form dimensions on Precision Parts, Part Fixtures to locate on specific Datums along with Setting Masters
    • Gauging Electronics - LVDT Probes, Interfaces, KurtSPC software, Industrial PC, Control Panel
    • Extension of Production cycle with zero operator skill required to measured multiple Important dimensions
    • Small Foot print, located next to CNC Machine
    • Manual Part Loading / Unloading, Automtic Inspection Cycle, Generally completed in less than 1/2 of Manuacturing cycle time
    • Work as Standalone or as a Client on Company Intranet / LAN
  • Optional
    • Feedback to CNC Controller for Tool Offset correction
    • Ink / Laser Marking
    • Bar Code / QR Code reader for linking Part tracking number with Measurement Data
    • Integration with Robots/ Cobots in Automatic Manufacturing Cell
  • Inspection LocationNext to each Manufacturing CNC Machine
  • Delivery Time10~12 weeks
  • BudgetBasic Station starts from Rs. 15L (USD 20,000) + Services + Taxes
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