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Engine Block

The Engine Block Gage Stations usually measure the engine block features in 30 seconds or less.

Engine Gauging solutions mainly include:

  • Cylinder Block Inspection station covers
  • A Crank Bore
  • Cylinder Bore & Face squares
  • A Cam Bore
  • An Idler Bore
  • Dowel Pin locations
  • Cylinder Head - Parent Valve Seat
  • Finish Valve Seat Runout with reference to the Valve Guide
  • Other features as required

The KurtSPC Premium software provides real-time feedback to the line operator and can be programmed to provide closed loop feedback to the machine tools or stop the line in certain fault conditions. Data can be stored locally for review and/or exported directly on a network.

Besides Gauging we also help in maintaining data with traceability fields such as Engine Numbers.

This data can be put on intranet etc. for web based reporting, allowing users to view Current & Historical Reports.

Measurement of stagger and location dimensions to cast datum. Four engine models measured incorporating automatic part size changeover, V6, V8, and V10.

Turnkey system utilized overhead gantry loading.

Kurt Check gauging computer with KurtSPC software provides real-time process control.


Multi Gauging Stations are often used with Part Specific Fixtures to measure multiple parameters.