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  • GAGEtrak Introduction
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GAGEtrak Feature List

  • Calibration calendar - workload forecasting, manage workload time.
  • Group Level Security & Passwords - to protect application from unauthorized access.
  • Less Paperwork, total data will be maintained electronically.
  • Gage Cloning makes new entry of same type of Gage very easy.
  • No worry of Misplaced Calibration Certificate, It will be available in software along with Gage record.
  • Skip Date function avoids scheduling on weekends, holidays, or user-specified dates.
  • Issue/receipt records for tracking Gage movements.
  • Total active gauge List with Due Date.
  • Gage records can be linked with Part records to Maintain Production Schedules.
  • Manage Work Load with Every Day Due Listing & Calibration Calendar.
  • Identification Label Life is more in shop floor conditions.
  • All supplier records easily accessed from supplier entry can be linked with purchased gauges, calibration lab.
  • All staff records easily accessed from staff entry can be linked with authorized gauges.
  • Gauges with early calibrations & late calibration to analyze calibration performance.