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In my Gauge Entry > Standards window and in my Calibration Entry > Measurements window, there is Standard ID and Gauge ID of Standard.

What is the difference between these two items ?

If you can think of Standard ID as being the test point or a description of what is being measured and its size. Examples that you might use for Standard ID are as follows:

1. Gauge Block .500 Inch
2. Gauge Block .750 Inch

1. Pressure Check 25 psig
2. Pressure Check 50 psig

1. Weight 5 grams
2. Weight 10 grams

1. Temperature Check 200 Deg. F.
2. Temperature Check 400 Deg. F.

The Gauge ID of Standard positively identifies exactly which particular item was used for each calibration measurement. Examples of Gauge ID of Standard might be :
GB-024489-A (Gauge Block Set)
DWT-9545458 (Dead Weight Tester)
WT-GR-3374 (Weight Set)
PY-59476-B (Pyrometer)