GAGEtrak + Web Reporter Module + Calibration Label Kit +Services

GAGEtrak Software

Calibration Management System for Gauges, Instruments, Jig/Fixtures , Relation Gauges etc

GAGEtrak Web Reporter Software

To generate GAGEtrak (READ ONLY) reports on company LAN through Web browser

Calibration Label Kit

Calibration Label Printer & Cartridges linked with GAGEtrak

Web Based Services

GAGEtrak (Software / Hardware) Installation, Training, Database creation & Backup, Troubleshooting

Project Objective

To replace Excel based/Hard Copy process with GAGEtrak - Calibration Management system

Customer Scope of Supply
  • GAGEtrak Client Desktop PC - Windows 10 (64bit OS) with Min. 8 gb Ram, CPU @2.5Ghz+
  • Required SQL Server 2014 or better on Server with 10GB space for typical database
  • Required 100Mbps speed LAN connection between Server & Client PC
  • GAGEtrak Database Server to create & manage GAGEtrak SQL Server Database
  • Web Services access using TEAMVIEWER
Time for Implementation

6-7 Working Days


Rs.6.25L + 18% GST

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