GAGEtrak + GAGEtrak Web Reporter & Issue/Return Module + Services

GAGEtrak Software

Calibration Management System for Gauges, Instruments, Jig/Fixtures , Relation Gauges etc

GAGEtrak Web Reporter Software

To generate GAGEtrak (READ ONLY) reports on company LAN through Web browser

GAGEtrak Issue Return Software

To manage large Inventory of Gauges, instruments Issue Return from Gauge Room

Web Based Services

GAGEtrak (Software / Hardware) Installation, Training, Database creation & Backup, Troubleshooting

Project Objective

To replace Excel based/Hard Copy process with GAGEtrak - Calibration Management system

Customer Scope of Supply
  • GAGEtrak Client Desktop PC - Windows 10 (64bit OS) with Min. 8 gb Ram, CPU @2.5Ghz+
  • Required SQL Server 2014 or better on Server with 10GB space for typical database
  • Required 100Mbps speed LAN connection between Server & Client PC
  • GAGEtrak Database Server to create & manage GAGEtrak SQL Server Database
  • Web Services access using TEAMVIEWER
Time for Implementation

6-7 Working Days


Rs.5.50L + 18% GST

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