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Simple Reliable Temperature Humidity Monitoring

THUM is a high-quality true USB device that can monitor Temperature and Relative Humidity of interior living, working, and storage spaces, more accurately and reliably than most other similar Products.
Ideal for Server Rooms, WareHouses, Kiosks, & manufacturing areas, it is a PC-based solution for Logging, Notification and web-viewing.
Easy to setup and install, and affordably priced, it will help you perform automated ShutDowns, and detailed data analysis.

THUM Benefits:
 Accurate Temperature & Relative Humidity monitoring (±0.40°C and 2% RH)
 USB for easy installation and support - most PC-OS supported
 eMail notifications if alarm set-points are reached - now supports SSL /TLS eMail !
 Send Alarm notifications to your cell phone/ pager, using SMS via eMail
 Continuously saves all readings to a Access /SQL Server database
 Shutdown the PC connected to the THUM upon alarm limit
 Sampling period of 10 s upto 60 m
 Powered by the USB port - no additional supply needed
 No calibration required
 Get free Software updates ..
 Small physical dimensions (2.8" x 2" x 1.25")
 Generated web-pages & eMails fully customizable

The THUM comes Calibrated, and does not require any additional Calibration.
The Pre-Calibration certificate is available upon request.

THUM is a registered trademark of Practical Design Group LLC.