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Applications of THUM

Ideal for ..

Server Rooms
Manufacturing Areas

Do you Need ..

To know the current temperature and humidity in a particular area
To get immediate notification if the environmental conditions go beyond specific limits
To log all Temperature/ Humidity/ Dew-Point readings for further analysis
To get a visual graph of on-going environmental conditions
To view this information via the Internet
A solution easy to install and setup

Did you know ..

The THUM software runs as a Windows Service.
This means a user does not need to be logged into the computer for the software to take readings and send eMail notifications.

There is no limit to maximum number of readings that can be taken.

A 6 foot USB cable is included, so the THUM can be located away from the PC, to avoid the heat from the computer skewing the readings.

The THUM software has adjustable reading intervals.
Change the interval to meet your specific requirements to avoid having an excess of data when reviewing at a later date.

THUM can save data to a Microsoft SQL Server database.

With THUM you can now automate Windows computer shutdown when alarm limits are reached.

THUM is designed for Indoor Use

Accuracy /Range:
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.4°C 5°C to 40°C
± 0.72°F 41°F to 104°F
Humidity Accuracy ± 2.0 % RH 10 % to 90 %
Temperature Range -40°C to 51°C
-40°F to 125°F
Humidity Range 0 % to 100 %