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GAGEtrak Technical Support

Before you pick up the phone to call us, kindly ensure the following :

 You have taken a back-up of your GAGEtrak database.

 Restart the computer one time and ensure that the Error persists.

 Keep your GAGEtrak CD ready.
You may be asked to re-install the software.
However do not do so until our Support engineer instruct you to.

 Make a note of the Events which occurred before GAGEtrak showed the Error.
Also write down the Form / Report Title where you faced the problem.

 Windows OS Update Patches, Installations of MS-Office or other such software, changing security rights, unexpected Power Shut-downs are some of the causes of Errors.
Please make a note of all such occurrences.

 Share your GAGEtrak Version, Company Name, your Name, Contact Numbers with our Support engineer.
Also ensure that you have a valid Maintenance Contract with KSPL.

Technical Support by Phone is available from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
You can call on our landline on 0250-2391365 or 0250-2391366.

Technical Support by e-Mail is available by sending a request to

Technical Support by Live Web Session is also available.
Kindly drop an e-Mail on for a Web Session Request.
One of engineers will confirm your earliest possible Web session schedule.

We use TeamViewer 10 for Remote Web Support.

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