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Does the THUM require calibration ?
The manufacturer of the Temperature/RH sensor used in the THUM states that calibration is done at the factory and re-calibration is not needed.

Calibration Information from the sensor's manufacturer:
"Each sensor is individually calibrated in a precision humidity chamber with a chilled mirror hygrometer as reference.
The calibration coefficients are programmed into the OTP (one time programmable) memory.
These coefficients are used internally during measurements to calibrate the signals from the sensors.
The sensor comes in a high-quality pin-type packaging (for 1.27 mm sockets).
Owing to full calibration and digital 2-wire output (CMOSens technology), the sensor is fully interchangeable."

Can I have more than one THUM per computer ?
You can NOT have more than 1 THUM plugged into a single computer.
This is because of the way USB devices are addressed.
You can have an unlimited number of THUMs on a network as long as each one is plugged into a different computer.

Can the THUM call a cell phone or pager when an alarm occurs ?
It can NOT call a cell phone or pager directly.

However, if your cell phone or pager can receive e-mail/SMS via e-mail, then you can set the e-mail address in Options/E-mail Settings to be the address of your phone/pager.

What is the maximum distance the THUM can be from the computer ?
The cable included is 6' long.
The USB specifications say the maximum cable length should not exceeded 16'.

Will the THUM run an external application when an alarm limit is reached?
Yes, you can set a program to be run when an alarm limit is reached.
The path and program can be entered in the Options/Alarm Settings tab.
This can be handy if you need to perform a special task such as shutdown a server or send some other type of notification.

Please remember that the alarm condition needs to be resolved before turning the computer back on.
If the alarm condition has not be resolved the THUM service will run the error condition application or script as soon as the computer restarts.

Can I change the layout of the html page generated by the THUM ?
Yes, you can modify the html in the following template
C:\Program Files\THUM\template\template.htm

Can I change the layout of the e-mails sent by the THUM ?
Yes, you can modify the text in the following templates
C:\Program Files\THUM\template\AlarmEmail.txt
C:\Program Files\THUM\template\OKemail.txt

What does the green light on the THUM mean ?
If the green light is on steady - it means the THUM is plugged in to a USB port and the Windows driver for the device has loaded properly.
If the green light flashes, the THUM is sending temperature or humidity data to the computer.

Why does the Windows THUM program give an error in SaveData ?
Most "Savedata" errors are caused by different Regional Language setting which are not the same as Windows : English (US) settings when running the THUM software.
To resolve the problem:
Change the Region Language setting to English (US).
Install the latest service version of the THUM software.
If using the latest service version software, download and use version 1.0.17 of the THUM.exe file into C:\Program Files\Thum folder.