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Gauging Systems

We are in the ERA of Batch production. Manufacturing companies run flexible processes, and use quick fix tools for batch production. This necessitates, that along with machining tools, the use of a reliable Inspection system is done. Inspection systems thus become a valuable shop floor asset.

 KSPL products to suit specific customer requirements ..


 Gauging solutions ..

» Mechanical Gauges

» Simple Gauging fixtures with mechanical dials to measure Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, Length, or Position

 PC Based Gauging Stations ..

» SPC Gauging Stations with Digital Instruments

Typically used in Incoming Inspection

» Manual Loading / Unloading Gauging System

Typically used next to the loading machine for measuring critical parameters

» Semi-Automatic / Automatic Gauging Machines

Typically used in the Final stage for 100 % Inspection, Marking & Sorting