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Statistical process control (SPC) is used to monitor and control industrial processes with the ultimate aim that the process can operate at its full potential. At this capacity, the manufacturing process would be capable of creating as much conforming product as possible with a minimum of waste. KurtSPC Premium statistical process control software is a simple to configure, easy to use solution for process optimization.

KurtSPC also supports voice and video, customized screens and reports, machine tool controls, and automated gauging.

In short, KurtSPC Premium statistical process control software will allow you to collect data from almost any device, provide that data to you at one location in real time and in a meaningful way, allowing you to optimize your manufacturing processes.

What Can Statistical Process Control Software Do For You ?

Manage Your Processes Security— To manage a process, it is necessary to control how it is configured. Detailed security options built into KurtSPC Premium give you this control. Organize— KurtSPC Premium statistical process control software allows organization of manufacturing and quality control configurations for better processes management. Collect— The KurtSPC system allows you to interface with almost any device so that you can add instruments to your processes and collect important data in real time.
Standardize & Control Your Data Collection Process Network— Now you can Standardize data collection configuration, and standardize reporting… the KurtSPC Premium network system allows process components to be shared with devices throughout your plant. Control— Controlling the data collection process helps improve the collected data’s accuracy. KurtSPC Premium statistical process control software allows creation of standard user interfaces, collection processes, and machine interfaces to help eliminate user error. Automate— Control all hardware from one system. KurtSPC Premium and KurtUSB I/O modules can act as a smart PLC, providing a clean way to automate your manufacturing hardware or collection process.
Improve Statistical Process Control Analyze— Now you can use SPC, run tests, and create reports. KurtSPC Premium’s tools and intuitive displays allow you to view your processes in new ways. Understand— For a standardized process having real time data collection, you can now compare your data over time and from one location to the next. KurtSPC Premium statistical process control software helps you understand and improve your processes. Communicate— No matter how good or how timely your information is, it does not help if you cannot communicate it to the people who need to know. KurtSPC Premium software provides messaging, alerts, reports, graphics, and controls to send your data where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.
Optimize Your Processes Feedback— You can now use the information you collect to optimize your processes ! Make process changes and track them to assess how those changes have affected the process. Using this information can help you make better, more effective process changes in the future. Continuous Improvement— Create a plan to standardize your process improvement methods. Let KurtSPC Premium statistical process control software help maintain your plan and control the changes needed to make it work.