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(Semi & Fully Automatic) Thread Verification Units

  • Thread checking is tedious & time consuming, even more so on high volume production lines.
  • For this reason, some companies forego quality control or do it improperly.

  • Our Semi-Automated or Fully-Automated Thread Configuration Systems work for a variety of configurations.
  • These may be mounted on current quality-control setups or included into production lines.
  • Thread-Verification Special-Machines are designed to work with dedicated Parts / Part Family
  • Thread-Verification Special-Machines can be used for fully checking all parts produced within Production Lines and within typical production cycle times
  • Internal / External thread checking time is kept at a minimum, and quick part changeovers are done

  • KSPL offers Thread-Verification kits and related products in a variety of configurations.
    These all perform the same essential function : to drive, at high speeds, a gauge probe into, through, or onto threaded production parts; and to reverse back out again, ultimately providing 100 % assurance of the assembly.