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Case Studies

SERUM INSTITUTE, Pune is using GAGEtrak 6.8.

Serum Institute of India, Pune - is the world's largest producer of Measles and DTP group of vaccines. It is estimated that two out of every three children immunized in the world is vaccinated by a vaccine manufactured by the Serum Institute. Their products have been used in more than 140 countries across the globe.

SERUM was looking for a Calibration Management System to help with their USFDA - 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Their Mr.Lad successfully implemented GAGEtrak System at the institute in 2008.

The KSPL team worked with Mr.Lad in exploring various features unique to GAGEtrak. KSPL carried out customization of Forms, Reports, and Fields to suit specific requirements. Also, various validation documents [Design Qualification(DQ), Installation / Operational Qualification (IOQ)] were prepared.

Serum Institute is a glowing example of successful Calibration Management System implementation using GAGEtrak in Pharma sector in INDIA.


HHosur based Titan Industries Limited is the Number 1 Watch & Jewelry manufacturers in INDIA. This Tata Group company has what is amongst the worlds best Standard Rooms, headed by an experienced Manager, Mr.Dixit.

They have over 25,000 gauges & other instruments. In the year 2003-04, SAP was introduced across the factory & the company Management asked Mr.Dixit to integrate their Calibration Management System with SAP. Their software team could not implement this in more than 18 months. However Mr.Dixit wanted a good Calibration Management software>
In year 2005 Keshrup Systems introduced GAGEtrak at Titan. The implementation was in phased manner as follows :

1) GAGEtrak - Client Server edition installed in Titan Standard room, along with GAGEtrak Web Reporter & Calibration Label Kit.
2) KSPL transferred existing data from SAP database to GAGEtrak Database. This eliminated duplication work.
3) KSPL conducted an on-site training program for standard-room engineers.

As of 2016, Titan Industries is our Most valuable customer, and is using the latest version of GAGEtrak - version 6.8. KSPL has been conducting real-time remote web support sessions using TeamViewer.

Currently more than 1 lac calibration records are available in the Titan GAGEtrak database.

TVS MOTORS, Hosur uses GAGEtrak System.

TVS Motors is among the most respected two-Wheeler manufacturing companies in INDIA. They have implemented the best of the quality practices over a period of time. GAGEtrak was introduced by TVS Motors in year 2001. Initially installed at one standard room in Hosur, now GAGEtrak is installed at all 3 Plants of TVS Motors (Hosur, Mysore & Solan), and they have completed their shift to GAGEtrak system over a period of a few years.

In the year 2010-11 TVS Motors' management wanted to integrate Calibration Management System into their SAP system. However the Standard Room engineers kept their faith in GAGEtrak.

As of the year 2016, TVS Motors all plants are using the latest version of GAGEtrak - version 6.8, and KSPL is extending real-time remote web session support using TeamViewer.