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FaciliWorks Maintenance Management System Features ..

 Identify and track any asset requiring maintenance.

 Inventory management keeps and maintains detailed records on all tools, parts, personnel and work procedures.

 Generate work orders automatically according to your schedule or manually from service requests.

 Task shadowing lets you prevent duplication of scheduled work orders by grouping them so that a more comprehensive work order supersedes a less comprehensive work order.

 Automatic task scheduling lets you set rules to skip days, and set the months during which certain tasks are performed.

 Unique Equipment Schedule Grid and Work Order Calendar show your equipment status and work schedules graphically.

 Authorized persons' tracking lets you record authorized users of a particular asset.

 The Component Hierarchies feature shows the relationships between assets and their component parts.

 The Asset Event-Log lets you record events associated with an asset.

 FaciliWorks keeps track of work instructions and repair procedures.

 Dozens of built-in reports can be generated and then printed, faxed or e-Mailed.

 Electronic Signatures and the Advanced Audit Trail help you meet record-keeping requirements of 21CFR Part 11 and other quality system requirements.

 Fleet Maintenance features help you record and analyze fuel and oil consumption, tire wear and other operating costs.

 FaciliWorks maintains and optimizes inventory with EOQ analysis and generates purchase orders Weighted Average, FIFO or LIFO inventory costing methods are supported.

 Track multiple warranty records, lease payments and other service contracts.

 The Clone function duplicates existing records complete with associated tasks, parts and tools.

 Quick and Advanced filters make it easy to generate reports and graphs of just the items you need.

 Building maintenance software data tools and utilities help you back up your database, archive records, merge records from other databases and much more.

 Any document can be attached to an asset, part or procedure record.