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We offer GAGEtrak solutions to ISO / QS / TS-16949 or USFDA certified customers. Maintaining Calibration records for these companies, involves great skill if done manually. However in the Calibration Lab, technicians need to focus on calibration rather than documentation. This is biggest objective of the GAGEtrak - Calibration Management System.

GAGEtrak is useful in following departments :

1. Calibration Lab / Standards Room
2. Maintenance Department for Process instruments
3. Electrical & Production department for instruments & Tools (Jigs / fixtures)
4.Gauge Room / Store

Depending on the volume of work, GAGEtrak will prove to be useful in all the above departments. Among the highlights of the high-volume utility are : defining new Gauge records, making Calibration entries, extracting Calibration Due listings etc.. GAGEtrak can ensure that all stakeholders have correct and relevant data. Accurate Calibration Data entry is required to keep records updated. The various Reports available in GAGEtrak make the documentation effort easy.

Our unique Calibration Label kit allows you to print your very own custom calibration labels. The labels have industrial adhesive to ensure that from industrial use the labels do not peel off.