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Kurt SPC

KurtSPC Premium is a comprehensive SPC data collection and control software, designed for operator ease of use in manufacturing, laboratories, or for shop floor data collection.
This Premium SPC data collection software will provide your company management with enterprise wide reporting capability and supervisory control technology.
KurtSPC Premium provides full variable and attribute charting, real-time statistics, Pareto analysis, SPC quality control checks and gauge system and machine studies.

We also offer KurtSPC as a part of our integrated Gauging Solutions :

PC Based Gauging Stations:

 SPC Gauging Stations with Digital Instruments

KurtSPC generates Excel based Summary Report and a SPC Analyses, by taking readings.
So, now any PC can be converted to a Test Center, or a CMM Machine.

A Special Application ..

» Test Center / CMM Data collection

This customized solution works in tandem with an outside data source. For testing data generated on a TEST Bench Center, or on a CMM Machine, we offer an intermediate software tool. This tool reads the data remotely & generates an Excel based Summary Report and a SPC Analysis.

KurtSPC is a registered trademark of Kurt Industrial Products.