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Before you pick up the phone to call us, please ensure the following ..

 You have taken back up of your KurtSPC database.
 Restart computer one more time to ensure error persists.
 Keep your KurtSPC CD ready.
You may be asked to re-install the software.
However, please do it only after being instructed by Support engineer.
 Make a note of the events which occurred just before KurtSPC showed the error.
Also write down the Form / Report Title on which you faced the problem.
 Windows OS Update Patches, Installations of MS-Office or other such software, changing security rights, unexpected Power Shut-downs are some of the possible causes of errors.
Please make note of the same.
 Share your KurtSPC Version, Company Name, your Name, Contact Numbers with the Support engineer.
Also ensure you have valid Maintenance Contract with KSPL.

Technical Support by Phone is available from Monday to Saturday - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
You can call on our landline 0250-2391365 / 0250-2391366.

Technical Support by e-Mail will be available upon sending your request to

Technical Support over a Live Web Session is also available.
Kindly drop an e-Mail to with a Web Session request.
Our service engineer will contact you with the earliest possible Web session schedule.

We use TeamViewer 10 for Remote Web Support.