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A Gear-Blank Inspection check consists of verifying the Internal Diameter, Outside Diameter, Dimension over Pins, and the Face squareness.
KSPL has developed semi-automatic Gauging solutions to measure above parameters along with part handling for OK/Not-OK parts.

Gear Gauging stations typically include :
  • 100 % Variable Inspection
  • Segregation of all non conforming product
  • In the range of 12 second cycle time
  • Change-over for as many as 5 specific parts
  • Capable of measuring :
    • OD, ID and Length at multiple locations and TIR
    • Calculated barreling, waisting, concentricity, parallelism and multiple order harmonics
  • Sub-micron tolerance and guaranteed R&R capability
  • Part marking if required (Ink stamp, pin stamp, matrix printing)
  • All automation completely controlled by KurtUSB and KurtSPC systems

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