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Typical KurtSPC screen setup for a DigiDirect device
A Typical Inspection station in any manufacturing setup needs to connect to many gauging devices like Calipers, Micrometer, Height gauge, Dial gauge etc.

Our Digimatic Instruments make multi-gauging solutions easier to implement.
Linked with KurtSPC software, this makes data collection task & Reporting easier.

We also offer custom Reports for this setup e.g. Pre-Dispatch, Final Inspection.

Typically , this setup is used in Incoming Inspection, Stage inspection or Final Inspection.

A Typical Digimatic Hub
Advantages of DigiDirect Hub :
  • Serves as a Hub connector for multi-gauging
  • Multi-gauging can be automatic
  • Manpower requirement gets reduced
  • Data is stored in Database, and data-history is easily retrieved

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