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Automatic Gauging Systems

Keshrup Systems designs and builds : manually loaded precision gauging systems that sample a production process, right up-to : fully automated in-line precision gauging systems that measure 100 % of the parts being produced on production lines.
For automated systems, part flow can be completely controlled by Kurt, with rejected parts automatically sorted out from the production flow.
The custom gauges are designed around a customer's particular SPC application, and can be made with the flexibility to measure a wide range of features and can include extremely tight tolerance characteristics.

Parts can be automatically loaded and unloaded into a gauge station in order to make inspection faster, easier and more productive.
Robotic cell integration can also be used to segregate good and bad parts, as well as, position or mark parts for processing.
In all applications, communication of the parts position, inspection completion and part disposal are all accomplished within the cell.

The fully automated gauge designs include integrated powered or gravity conveyance systems, walking beams or robot part handling. The part flow into and out of the gauge is controlled by the gauge station.

Our Automatic Gauging stations are used for zero manual intervention 24x7 operations.

We provide complete on-site Support for our Automatic Gauging solutions.

A few applications are - Transmission Shaft gauging, Engine gauging, Bearing gauging, and Gear DOP gauging.

Please see semi-automatic gauging solutions section for more about these applications.

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