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Keshrup Systems offers KurtSPC, both as a integrated product, along with our Gauging Solutions, and also, as a stand-alone Software Product.
KurtSPC® can easily collect high volumes of inspection data from many types of sources like - Keyboard entry, Serial Port communication, in-process Text File generation, Digimatic Instruments, Analog Instruments, LVDT Probes, Laser Sensors, Vision systems and many more.

KurtSPC has many analysis tools, to best and most efficiently analyze the collected data for you. These results can be displayed in real time or generated periodically.

This software gives you access to SPC Technology, with its many SPC data collection and analyses tools, and direct USB interface. Other features are user definable collection fields, error codes, and graphical or text operator instructions.The software also supports almost all types of gages and metrology tools, networking, and Kurt’s unique and powerful Event/Actions.

KurtSPC Premium software gives you the ability to manage, standardize, improve and optimize real-time Statistical Process Control and data collection from your gauge system. Kurt-SPC software can run under Windows XP, up to Windows 7. So, it can be used as a stand-alone data collection system or in conjunction with our line of Kurt-USB modules.