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Are you utilizing all the following features of GAGEtrak ?

Gauge Records
Calibration Schedule, Calibration Procedures, R & R Schedules, File Attachments, Gauge Cloning.

Calibration Records
Calibration Measurements, Calibration Signatures, Scanned Certificates, File Attachments.

Part Records
Associate Gauges.

Procedure Records
Graphics (Images), Attachments, Cloning for Revisions, List of Associated Gauges.

Staff Records
Authorized Gauges, Issued Gauges.

Supplier Records
Associate Gauges and Calibrations.

Issue and Return
Gauges, Kits.

Gauge Status ID Addition
Add in status entries as per requirement.

Service Requests
Calibration request, Repair Request, Rework request.

Calibration Calendar
Manpower management as per workload.

Automatic e-Mail Notification
Gauge Issue and Return, Calibration Status Change, Calibration Passed, Service Requests.

Reports :
Gauge Reports : Master lists, Issue history, Listing by status
Calibration Reports : Due listings, Lab /person-wise due list, Calibration schedules, Calibration work orders
Historical reports : Calibration History /with measurement, Early calibration, Late calibration, Failure notice, Certificates
Part Reports : Gauge requirement by part, Part wise gauge listing
R&R Reports : R & R Due listings
Supplier Reports : Gauge Supplier Listing
Staff Reports : Gauge Issued To, Authorized User
Custom Reports & Standard Reports

More GAGEtrak features.

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GAGEtrak Compliance: GAGEtrak is ISO 9000, ISO 16949, ISO-ANSI 17025, ISO 22000, TS 16949, AS 9100 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, and is designed to meet the current gauge standards for calibration compliance.

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