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Create durable laminated calibration labels with your choice of bar-code styles directly from GAGEtrak. This small-footprint 360-dpi printer comes with power cables, USB cables, flexible label design software and everything else you'll need to get started. The adhesive-backed labels are resistant to oil, water, temperature extremes and abrasion.

Labels are automatically cut to length, and affordable 26-foot label cartridges offer your choice of colors (black letters on white, yellow or red - click here for details). Label sizes are available in heights from as small as ¼ inch up to 1 ½ inches.

This kit is designed to integrate with GAGEtrak, but it can also be used as a stand-alone.


The GAGEtrak Report Viewer is an easy-to-use desktop utility that allows you to generate thorough, customized reports to analyze and stay ahead of trends, forecast workloads, improve efficiency and minimize costs.

Report Viewer connects to your GAGEtrak database (version 6.5 or higher) allowing you to access all standard GAGEtrak reports as well as any edited or custom reports that were created within GAGEtrak. Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed or emailed.

If you have more than one database, Report Viewer lets you switch between databases quickly and easily and because it utilizes the same security system that is built into GAGEtrak, so only authorized staff and managers can access it.

GAGEtrak Report Viewer offers the convenience and simplicity of accessing only the information you need, allowing you to have more control over your quality management program.

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