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How can I tell if I have the newest version of FaciliWorks ?

The About button in the Main Menu will tell you what version of FaciliWorks you have.

Can FaciliWorks interface with spreadsheets and other Office applications ?

Yes - The data in FaciliWorks can be easily exported to most of the standard MS Office programs.

Can existing data be imported into FaciliWorks products ?

Yes - Many formats can be imported including Tab Separated Text, Comma Delineated Text, Excel and Lotus 123 spreadsheets, dBase, Paradox, and many others..

Does FaciliWorks have bar code support ?

Yes - FaciliWorks works with any bar code reader configured as a "wedge" (most are).
In fact, the tool issue and return screens have been optimized to support bar code input.
Of course, manual keyboard entry works just as well. Bar code technology saves time, avoids mistakes and reduces cost.

Does FaciliWorks have built-in security ?

Yes - FaciliWorks provides extensive multi-level security for each major area of the program.
Users can be granted rights to only view records, to add new records, to modify existing records, and to delete records.
User access can also be restricted as needed; with security active, you can control which users have access to what forms and even what parts of forms.
For instance, you can let workers view the Labor form under Work Orders but hide the Cost field in that form from them.
To make security easier to implement, you can create groups with standardized access privileges and assign users to one or more groups as needed.

When you install FaciliWorks you are prompted to choose to implement 21 CFR Part 11.
The 21 CFR Part 11-compliant version requires security to be active at all times.
If you do not choose 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, you may still set up security if you wish.
The FaciliWorks 21 CFR Part 11 features such as electronic signatures and audit trail work only when security is active.

Can you print graphs ?

Yes - FaciliWorks comes with many graphs.
You can create custom graphs by exporting your data to any spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel, business applications such as Claris Impact among others ..

Will FaciliWorks track my costs and labor ?

Yes - FaciliWorks has a report called "Maintenance Costs and Labor Report".
This flexible report allows the user to identify maintenance costs and labor hours for any given time frame.
Users have extensive filtering options in this report such as identifying costs by department, equipment type, technician and so on.

Equipment costs are tracked for asset valuation and depreciation purposes, and fleet managers can track fuel cost, oil cost, tire cost, and the cost of other consumables.

Are the database fields large enough ?

Yes - Most of the FaciliWorks fields are 50 characters, except of course for dates and numeric fields.
Memo fields can hold up to 64 K each.
As the FaciliWorks fields are variable length DBMS data fields, there is no wasted disk or memory space.

Other competing maintenance management packages that rely on older technology such as dBase, Btrieve, Paradox, FoxPro and ASCII databases utilize fixed length fields. This results in enormous amounts of wasted disk and memory space.

What does it take to maintain FaciliWorks ?

FaciliWorks is very user friendly and requires very little support from IT staff.
It has a built-in archive function for historical data.
It has a built-in backup/restore function to safeguard your data.
It has a compact/repair function to correct corrupted data in the event of a power outage.

Can FaciliWorks products be customized to suit our requirements ?

Yes - Virtually every interface element in FaciliWorks can be renamed to match your company's preferred terminology.
This includes not just field names but also button names, window titles, tabs and even menu bars and messages.
FaciliWorks also comes with a Report Designer so you can modify existing reports or even create new ones.

If your company has specialized software needs, we offer customization services; for a reasonable fee, we can tailor our off-the-shelf package to your exact requirements.

Can FaciliWorks reports be printed, faxed or e-mailed from my PC ?

Yes - FaciliWorks' flexible reports can be exported in text, Rich Text, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Reports can be printed, faxed or e-mailed right from your PC.

Note: To fax from FaciliWorks, you must have the appropriate fax/modem hardware and software. E-mail requires a MAPI-compliant e-mail software package such as Microsoft Outlook.

Does FaciliWorks have document control for reports ?

Yes - If your company needs to comply with ISO 9001:2000 or FDA Document Identification and Control requirements, each report in FaciliWorks can be uniquely identified with a document control number.
The Document Control Text ID will appear at the bottom of all reports.