About Us

KESHRUP SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED (KSPL) was incorporated in 2001, with the aim of introducing some of the best products & practices in the world, to the Indian industry.

When INDIA was emerging as the Back-Office service provider to the West, we committed ourselves to bringing a few of the best products & services in the world, to our customers in India.

We introduced PC based Gauging Systems to the Indian industry. Today KSPL is involved in several Turn-Key gauging solutions that have Part loading, unloading, stamping and sorting options. Our Gauging solutions strive to make SME manufacturing FREE from laborious, repetitive, non-productive inspection work.

KSPL introduced GAGEtrak to ISO / QS & now TS-16949 customers, for ease of Standard Room / Calibration Lab documentation. Until a few years ago, many of our customers were using paper history-cards, DBase programs, or recently Excel sheets. GAGEtrak pioneered "Calibration Management Systems" for Indian customers. We intend to work relentlessly to provide the latest versions of GAGEtrak & services down the line.

In any industry, maintenance departments mean stressful work. Each day war is afoot, as all - running, as well as malfunctioned equipment, machines, and assets have to be maintained. FaciliWorks is the ideal tool for scheduled / unscheduled Work Orders, Spare part inventory, managing unweildy maintenance documentation and work-flow.
KSPL offers FaciliWorks & related services for its valued customers.

We want to reach every customer, in INDIA and overseas, with our reliable & lasting offerings.
We will continue with our pursuit of excellence, and develop indigenous products & services for the international market.